Handheld interactive games

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I. H5 customization theme

Handheld interactive games

Ii. Case brief:

The client "safe and healthy life" hopes to attract more users to the WeChat public account, attract fans, and let them pay attention to the brand and download the app to buy products.

Weishang strategy: customized development and production of H5 small games with "handheld interaction" to attract more users to participate in them.

Finally, the customer decided to offer the popular lipstick set as a strong attraction point to stimulate users to participate and share with their friends.

The retweets of H5 page reach up to more than 40,000, and the page views are more than 10,000.

In the end, the public account's tweets received 100,000 + views, the brand received 10w+ person-time exposure, and the public account attracted 50,000 + followers.

1. Contents of the customer's official account before the event


2. Popularity of the activity exploded


Iii.The game template is suitable for:

We hope that through interaction, we can attract publicity, increase exposure, enhance the influence of enterprises, and guide the following public accounts and share them with friends.

Page design can be replaced, more hope to achieve the function can be WeChat detailed inquiry.

WeChat: SZVS2013

Iv.Activity page

1. The first page

Curiosity drives users to click and participate






2. Game description

The meat swing game begins


3. Scratch page

The lipstick-set gift rewards drive engagement and spontaneous retweets that ignite the whole event


4. Jump to the product service introduction page