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Living abroad, there is no way to register the WeChatofficial account without domestic calls and bank cards?


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Here, the unified answer is that foreign companies can register and certify the WeChat public account.

Including banks, finance, non-profit organizations, cosmetics, health products, real estate, real estate, educational institutions, tourism, catering, clothing, law, private enterprise services, technology software, etc. are all registered and certified, as long as they are not restricted in the industry.

Almost all global legal companies/institutions/organizations can be registered for certification.

Hong Kong, China, Macau, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, Indonesia, the Philippines, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, France, Vietnam, Cambodia, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Maldives, Russia, Israel, Sri Lanka, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc.

However, the WeChat overseas public number registered by overseas companies is not available to many Chinese mainland users, and there is no way to check them;

Therefore, in order to allow overseas users and users in mainland China to pay attention to and view, it is necessary to register the WeChat overseas single subject public number.

Because the self-registration channel of WeChat overseas single-subject public number is not yet open, if you want to apply for a WeChat overseas public number, you need to assist the public registration and certification through a third-party WeChat service provider.

No domestic phone number and bank card are also available. If you use a foreign passport or a passport, it is more convenient for the administrator to hold a Chinese ID card. It doesn't matter. Specifically, what is your situation.

WeChat inquiry: SZVS2013

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