Education industry solutions

Education industry solutions

Education industry solutions

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  • In the new era, both schools and training institutions, students, parents, teachers, schools, information transfer, communication and other methods need to keep pace with the times.

  • On the one hand, schools can use the new media platform to release important information such as activities, enrollment preferences, and the latest policy developments of the school, and to promote the concept of running a school.

  • On the other hand, parents can learn about the situation, dynamics, and faculty strength of their children's schools/institutions by paying attention to the official new media of the school. It is more intuitive and convenient to see the children's learning environment and status, and it is invisible to schools and institutions. Add a few more approvals.

  • In addition, through the operation of new media, it will increase the visibility and influence of schools or educational institutions, and increase the enrollment rate and conversion rate.


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